"Brock’s voice is full bodied and soulful, and his lyrics are introspective and highly relatable. His songs are filled with depth and emotions, but in a way that everyone can relate to." ~Tonya Little, Little Okie Land



Ben Brock is a songwriter born into the tradition of red dirt music. Lyrically, his roots are planted firmly in the Oklahoma clay. His genuine, heartfelt and sometimes melancholy songs are ever growing musical branches providing shade from the harsh and unforgiving dustbowl sun. Listening to Ben is transformative. Within his songs, you will find your best friend, your reluctant lover, your aging father, and sometimes an unexpected version of yourself.


Drawing on straightforward guitar playing allows Ben to tell a story with his most powerful instrument - his voice. Passionate, worn and honed smooth from over a decade of gigging in every smoke-filled bar and honky tonk around, his vocals have been shaped into an unassuming, silver-tongued devil and voice of the common man. Ben’s sound is distinctive, convicted and raw - it pulls you into his story from across the room.


Releasing his first album, Who I Am, in February 2018, is further proof that Ben has firmly staked his claim as a well-respected musician and songwriter. In support of the project, an entire community of fellow musicians, producers and fans aching for Ben to record, came together and raised $10,000 in less than 30 days. Performing to a sold out crowd at Oklahoma City's legendary Blue Door in celebration of the album's release, his supporters turned out in full force. Their commitment to this album ensures the undeniable mark Ben has made to Oklahoma's songwriting tradition is preserved and will not be forgotten. Who I Am, is much more than one man’s collection of songs, it’s truly who we all are.



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  •   Just Can't Say I Love You (in a song)
  •   WTown
  •   Chances
  •   And it Goes
  •   Who I Am
  •   Cost of a Dream
  •   Love is a Dangerous Thing
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Ben Brock: Who I am

by Tonya Little, Little Okie Land


Ben Brock is a well known player in the local Oklahoma music scene, paying gigs just about everywhere and anywhere for over the last decade, but he’s just now putting out his first album. This album is highly anticipated by his friends and fans, and it’s an exciting point in Brock’s career.


"Ben has been a staple of the Oklahoma Music Scene for over 15 years and he had never really ever recorded his songs. He’s turned in to one of my best friends and I was honored to help him out with production on this album,” said K.C. Cobb, who helped produce the album. “Ben’s voice is where it starts. People hear Ben sing and immediately it catches your attention. This was a project we worked on for a very long time and really we did our best to always just keep making the songs better. He stuck to his roots on this album.”     (read the full review)










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